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Skeptical Fails and Win This Week

08 January 2012 by Melany Hamill

Hey there skeptifans. I hope you are surviving the winter. The new year is rung in with lots of new woo. Cleanse-crazy We all overeat during the holidays which prompts a lot of articles on losing holiday pounds, and where there is weight loss, there is woo. A slough of holiday detox articles came out […]

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The Spooky Pull of Sympathetic Magic

The Spooky Pull of Sympathetic Magic

16 August 2010 by Erik Davis

Ethan’s recent article on the best way for skeptics to dialogue with non-skeptics definitely hit home, and is something I’ve struggled with.  Being confrontational is tempting — after all, who doesn’t love to prove how right they are?  I am certainly sympathetic to the view presented in the comments by some readers that good manners […]

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Cleansing and Poo – Natural Obsessions

27 January 2010 by Kim Hebert

I was at the natural health foods store in a mall near where I live (I mentioned it last week) and decided to buy some tea (somewhat to my annoyance, it’s the only place in my area where one can buy a bag of loose tea). After I made my purchase, the check-out person put […]

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Why “Two Views” On Health Means Bad Advice For Women

30 September 2009 by Scott Gavura

Providing different viewpoints on a issue is an important component of sound political or social policy study. But when it comes to stories about science, “telling both sides” can be dangerous and even harmful. Canada’s leading women’s magazine, Chatelaine, illustrates the problems of this approach in their recurring series, Two Views, where “Traditional and alternative […]

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