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How I lost 40 lbs doing everything wrong

How I lost 40 lbs doing everything wrong

14 November 2012 by Erik Davis

I’ve been on a quest to lose weight over the last 6 months. It had been a long time coming, and I’d put it off for too many years. But while I have been achieving my goals, it’s got to be a statistical fluke, because I’ve done just about everything wrong! 1) I ate wheat! […]

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Skeptical Fails and Win This Week

08 January 2012 by Melany Hamill

Hey there skeptifans. I hope you are surviving the winter. The new year is rung in with lots of new woo. Cleanse-crazy We all overeat during the holidays which prompts a lot of articles on losing holiday pounds, and where there is weight loss, there is woo. A slough of holiday detox articles came out […]

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What We’re Reading

24 November 2010 by Scott Gavura

We’re introducing a new feature: Here’s what Skeptic North authors are reading, or just find interesting. Like the feature? Don’t like it? Let us know in the comments. Yoni Freedhoff debunks the recent story that eggs are worse than Double Downs. Alas, the Double Down is gone. My arteries are grateful. No evidence alternative ‘cures’ […]

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