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Darwin Day: Modern Creationism Still Threatens Education

13 February 2013 by Michael Kruse

This is cross-posted from the Huffington Post Canada In his new play The De Chardin Project, playwright Adam Seybold has the Jesuit priest and paleontologist Father Teilard De Chardin describe his witnessing of a terrible natural event whereby he arose from his cabin aboard a steamer on route to China to find a fire raging […]

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What Does Creationism Say About Our Culture?

What Does Creationism Say About Our Culture?

27 November 2012 by Gem Newman

According to a 2007 Angus-Reid poll, 59% of Canadians accept evolution and common descent, while 22% are convinced that God created human beings within the last 10,000 years (with acceptance of evolution being correlated with youth and with higher levels of education, and belief in special creation being more prevalent on the prairies). While it […]

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The opposite of stumped: 9 unanswerable anti-vax questions answered

The opposite of stumped: 9 unanswerable anti-vax questions answered

11 February 2012 by Richelle McCullough

9 Questions That Stump Every Pro-Vaccine Advocate and Their Claims found its way onto the Facebook page for the Winnipeg Skeptics when a member’s friend posted it, along with the qualification “if you can give me a good, scientifically-backed answer to each of these questions, I will vaccinate my children.” Oh, if it only were all […]

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Skeptical Fails and Wins This Week

18 September 2011 by Melany Hamill

Hello skeptifans. Here are the Fails and Wins in the media last week. Children’s book too hot for U.S. publishers warmly received in Canada Canadian author and skeptic Daniel Loxton wrote a children’s book about evolution. Apparently, that’s too controversial for American publishers. Luckily here in Canada the book has been well received. This is […]

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Creationist Clashes in British Columbia

01 November 2010 by Ethan Clow

Recently a Creationist, one Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, (his PhD is in chemistry) has been touring in British Columbia speaking on the subject of evolution. The title of his talk is “Evolution: The Greatest Hoax on Earth” which is his way of suggesting that he can refute the claims made by Richard Dawkins in his latest […]

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Looking under the hood of intelligent design

11 August 2010 by Jeff Orchard

There is a cultural debate going on, intelligent design versus the theory of evolution.  But some are adamant that it’s a scientific debate.  Is it?  Let’s look at the details. What is evolution? The theory of evolution was initially proposed in 1859 by Sir Charles Darwin in his book “On the Origin of Species”. The […]

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