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Skeptic Movie Review: Lincoln (2012)

10 January 2013 by Ethan Clow

  Movie fans are no doubt aware that the Academy Award nominations came out today (Thursday the 10th) Leading the pack in total number of nominations with twelve is Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” including ‘Best Picture’, ‘Best Actor for Daniel Day-Lewis’ and ‘Best Director.’ I’ve seen it. It was an impressive film, with high quality acting […]

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A&E – Brad Meltzer’s Decoded

Brad Meltzer’s Anomaly Hunting

15 February 2012 by Ethan Clow

Recently I was watching the History Channel when a commercial for Brad Meltzer’s Decoded came on. At first I found the commercial enraging and further eroded my lingering embers of hope that the History Channel had a legitimate interested in promoting actual history and not bunk dressed up to look like a Dan Brown book. […]

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The Mayans Went Down to Georgia

The Mayans Went Down to Georgia

05 January 2012 by John Underhay

The Mayans have been in the news a lot over the past couple of years, particularly due to their (supposed) prediction that the world will end in December of this year. This has been so thoroughly debunked that I hardly need mention it here. Reminiscent of the response to Harold Camping, there are those who […]

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Climate Change: 400 Years Too Late for Henry Hudson

05 July 2011 by Ethan Clow

Despite the onset of summer and the melting ice in and around Hudson’s Bay, Henry Hudson must have felt particularly cold that day of June, 1611.  Along with his son Jon, and six other crewmen, Hudson was bound by his former crew and left in a small shallop and set adrift in the bay that […]

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Book Review: Voodoo Histories by David Aaronovitch

Book Review: Voodoo Histories by David Aaronovitch

25 March 2011 by Ethan Clow

I have a little game I play when I go into book stores. First I make a prediction, then I head over to the history section and see if my prediction is on the ball or not. My prediction will be how many books of pseudo-history, works of outright fiction, conspiracy theories and tirades on […]

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No Science please, we’re Anthropologists

17 December 2010 by Ethan Clow

Over the last couple weeks controversy erupted in the world of anthropology. No, they didn’t find more Hobbits. The problem began when the American Anthropology Association altered their mandate removing science from their long range goals. When the organization met for its annual meeting a decision was reached to strip the words “science” from their […]

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11 November 2009 by Kim Hebert

Background Today is Remembrance Day. In Canada and some other countries, people who choose to observe this day wear jaunty little poppies (or a poppy sticker) for the 2 weeks prior to 11 November — originally designed and produced to support wounded veterans. For context and for those who may not know, Remembrance Day was […]

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