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Skeptical Fails and Wins This Week

18 December 2011 by Melany Hamill

Hey there skeptifans. Here are the media Fails and Wins you sent me last week. ‘Proof’ that homeopathy doesn’t work Blogger Darwin Harmless sent in this link. It’s a win for reporting that an experiment showed homeopathy did nothing. It’s a fail for putting proof in ironic quotes, and citing a lot of useless anecdotal […]

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Skeptic Fails and Wins This Week

15 August 2010 by Melany Hamill

It was another busy week for skeptical fails and wins! Thanks to everyone who sent in links. Journalism Warning Labels Scott found this excellent win. Tom Scott created journalism warning labels to alert people to bad journalism.  If only these could be stuck to webpages. They are fantastic, and a great reminder to be skeptical […]

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Statistics for Skeptics Part 2 – Correlation vs. Causation

26 January 2010 by Marion Kilgour

If you live in one of the counties around Edmonton, you’ve probably heard about the Alberta government’s plans to build some new high voltage power lines. In November, there was a protest staged by R.E.T.A and Strathcona County passed a resolution to oppose the construction. There are plenty of reasons for the uproar. Unfortunately, one […]

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