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Book Review: Annoying – The Science of What Bugs Us

22 June 2011 by Ethan Clow

Does Annoying provide a deep understanding into the psychology of annoyance or does it simply read like the experience of unravelling a ball of Christmas lights? As most of my close personal friends can attest, I’m something of an expert on the subject of annoying. So it was with some gusto that I picked up […]

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Being Right is Not Enough

Being Right is Not Enough

08 November 2010 by Jeff Orchard

Perhaps you’ve experienced this… you’re talking to someone who believes in ESP, or homeopathy, or some other irrational woo. You lay out a logical argument, complete with evidence, that deconstructs their belief and exposes it to be irrational and unscientific. Then your friend says, “You’re right, I was wrong. Thanks for showing me the error […]

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Book Review: “On Being Certain” by Robert A. Burton

20 August 2010 by Jeff Orchard

Note from the Skeptic North Team: Beginning today, and continuing for the next several weeks, Skeptic North contributors will be writing about the skeptical books that are important to them. Look for a new book review every Friday. Jeff Orchard kicks off the series: The book: “On Being Certain: Believing You Are Right Even When […]

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The Deluded Mind: A review of “The Divided Mind”

26 March 2010 by Jeff Orchard

I just finished listening to an audio version of the book “The Divided Mind: The Epidemic of Mindbody Disorders” (abridged) by John E. Sarno. In the book, Dr. Sarno decrees that many — even most — physical ailments are induced by the mind to distract attention away from painful or objectionable thoughts or emotions. That’s […]

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