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Because putting bull crap in a flowchart makes it sciency!

Skeptical Fails and Wins this Week

06 November 2011 by Melany Hamill

Bonjour skeptifans. Here are the media Fails and Wins you sent me last week. America’s Toxic Flu shots: 250 times EPA mercury limit Lorne sent in this link. If you have followed the vaccine “controversy”, you are probably familiar with thimerosol. Thimerosol is a preservative used in vaccines, and according to this article it is […]

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essentialism 2

A Skeptic’s Guide to Magical Thinking – Part 3

27 October 2010 by Erik Davis

Welcome to the third installment of my five-part series on Magical Thinking, running Monday – Friday this week, which provides more background for my talk at Skepticamp Toronto last weekend.  You may wish to read Part 1 and Part 2 first, to put this post into context. On Essentialism & Vitalism In yesterday’s article, we […]

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13 January 2010 by Kim Hebert

I came upon the subject of prolotherapy almost a year ago when I was still in school studying occupational therapy. I had a patient with subluxation of the shoulder – a common side effect in stroke where the weight of the arm without appropriate muscle tone pulls the shoulder joint out of alignment – and […]

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