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Dr. Abs to the ER. Dr. Abs to the ER.

03 September 2012 by Steve Thoms

Once in a while, a major Canadian media outlet runs a story on some alternative medicine fad.  These stories often have several themes in common: 1) Claims that the fad in question is derived from ancient knowledge and practices. 2) Paradoxically, it’s totally new and hip. 3) It’s also fairly expensive. 4) You have to […]

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Toronto, Moon people, and the G20 walk into a Bar…

23 June 2010 by Steve Thoms

In case you haven’t noticed, the G20 and G8 summits are about to be held in Toronto and Huntsville. It’s the big event of the year for Ontario: Think of it as being sort of like Vancouver’s Olympics, but with less half-pipes and more black helicopters. In a mad-dash for news, any news that might […]

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