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It’s Wifi Day!

It’s Wifi Day!

02 August 2011 by Erik Davis

While we’re hardly fans of numerology here at Skeptic North, 8-02-11 (aka Wifi Day) does come only once a century. And following Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May’s dubious pronouncements on its safety last week, we’d be remiss if we failed to take note. Wifi has been a frequent topic in these pages, especially in the last […]

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Libel Chill and Me

25 February 2011 by Steve Thoms

Long time readers may have noticed that I’ve not poked my head around to offer any significant posts in a while.  In fact, the last article of any noteworthy length and substance was on Oct 29 (aside from a recent post on my own blog, which was actually written after this post was).  An embarrassing […]

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Rodney Palmer: When Pseudoscience and Narcissism Collide

29 October 2010 by Steve Thoms

This ridiculous farce of an invented controversy got way out of hand way too fast.  My apologies for sleeping on this one.  I thought that sanity would prevail, and everyone would surely see the perpetrators for the fools they are.  It seems that I over estimated the Canadian media’s ability to be dedicated to journalistic […]

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