The Evidence for Anthropogenic Global Warming (VIDEO)

My post from last week about Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) got a lot of exposure (mp3). It was reposted to the National Post Full Comment blog where it predictably received a deluge of criticism from global warming doubters in the comment section.

The point of the article was to make an attempt to explain why so many in the skeptic community, myself included, have had trouble accepting the scientific consensus. The purpose wasn’t to provide evidence or convert deniers into believers. This didn’t stop the regular National Post readership from criticizing my article for what it was not. Most of the criticisms completely missed the point of my article and complained that I didn’t provide any evidence. I’m a nice guy, so I’ll oblige them here. A little science never hurt anyone.

I admit that I don’t know enough about AGW to come to an informed decision, and therefore, I throw my trust to the experts’ conclusions. In this case, the consensus seems to be best represented by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). But I don’t need to just trust the UN scientific panel. There are many great science communicators out there that do a pretty decent job presenting the scientific evidence. We are lucky to have one such communicator here in Canada.

Chris Hebbern, a fellow member of the Ottawa Skeptics, gave a great presentation to our group at the beginning of the month. He clearly laid out the argument for AGW, and debunked some of the more common denial myths. There’s no need for me to go over the evidence again, when I can just point you towards the video of his presentation that was recently uploaded. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Please note that his presentation is only about 35 minutes, and the rest of the video is questions from the audience.

Debunking Common Climate Change Myths by Chris Hebbern from Ottawa Skeptics on Vimeo.

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