Guess the Cure!

To continue coverage of World Homeopathy Awareness Week (WHAW), I’ve created a game. Here I provide a list of homeopathic remedies, but one of them is fake. Your challenge is to spot the fake.


Canine Testes 6X – 30C
Blue 12C – 50M
Dolphin Song 3C – 10M
Coca cola 3X – 10M
Dog faeces 6C – 10M
Semen humanum 6C – 10M
Eclipse Totality 3X – 30C
Plutonium (236) 18C – 50M
Blackbird’s song 6C – 1M
Infarct Heart 10X – 30C
Black Hole 6C – 50M
DNA 12C – 10M
Aqua Pura Bottled Water 3X – 1M
Air 6C – 10M
Tyrannosaurus Rex 9X – 10M
Jet Lag 30C – 1M
Polaris 12C – 50M
Sol Africana 6C – 10M
Jews ear fungus 3C – 30C
Chlamydia 6C – 50M
MRI Scan 3C – 10M
Laser Beam 3C – 10M
Exhaust fumes 3C – 1M
Essiac 6X – 30C

Later in the week, I will provide the answer and the list where these remedies can be found. Guess in the comments!

One Response to “Guess the Cure!”

  1. biopunk says:

    Tyrannosaurus Rex 9X – 10M


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