Skeptic Fails and Wins this Week

W5: Why MS patients aren’t waiting for proof
Marion spotted this win on CTV discussing the need for more research on a new potential MS treatment. The video touches on the placebo affect, anecdotes vs. evidence, and the desperation that MS patients have for a cure.

Dr. Oz offers some dubious advice, experts say
Jennifer spotted this win, challenging the advice of Oprah’s resident quack, Dr. Mehmet Oz. From his strange advice on bowel examinations to his dangerous advice on vaccines, Dr. Oz gets thoroughly called out.

Early Edition Interview on Vaccinations
Kennedy listened to this win on CBC’s BC Early Edition podcast. They interview a mother who did not vaccinate her children against measles, and was frustrated that the school board would not let her children in the classroom after being exposed to the virus. It’s nice to find a pretty rational discussion on this issue.

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