The (unofficial) Manga Guide to Woo Arguments

Unofficial Manga Guide to Woo

Unofficial Manga Guide to Woo

This manga short was created especially for my first post to Skeptic North! It is the second in what could eventually turn into a series of “The (unofficial) Manga Guide to:” manga shorts. The first was “The (unofficial) Manga Guide to TED“, with cameos from Chris Anderson and Prof. Brian Cox. Another manga strip of mine that comments on solipsism is a page called Boromir’s Solipsism, which has an accompanying article on the subject. The purple-haired woo character found above in uMG2: Woo Arguments first appeared in my post called Spontaneous Toaster Effect.

I hope you enjoy my work. I’m always looking for ways to randomly reference Star Trek, hobbits, or He-man.

11 Responses to “The (unofficial) Manga Guide to Woo Arguments”

  1. Podblack says:

    Wahooo!!! :D :D *posts links to here from my site* :) Thanks for the Skepticality interview, btw, it was wonderful!

  2. PharmacistScott says:

    Congrats Sara on a fantastic first post!

  3. Andrew says:

    Bonus points for a link to one of my favourite ST:TNG episodes of all time!

  4. Jason de Nys says:

    Great work! Found your stuff via Bad Astronomy. Do you mind if I paste these into my science class Moodle on pseudoscience? Referenced of course
    Although I may need to explain what Star Trek: TNG is to my 15 year old students as it stopped being made before they were born! Egad I feel old.

  5. Paul Ingraham says:

    Bonus points for a bunch o stuff! Fantastic debut! Welcome, Sara.

  6. Dillon says:

    excellent! great first post. i would say welcome, but i guess it's more like, congrats on having your first post, posted!

  7. Jo says:

    Sweet — Mayhew's on Skeptic North now, too! Awesome first post, looking forward to more!

  8. Daniel says:

    you are such a nerd, <3 <3 <3 forever

  9. Nathan says:

    Great post!

  10. Melany Fulgham says:

    Awesome first post. Welcome to the team!

  11. Gary says:

    Great job I love it! Keep em' coming.


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    International award-winning mangaka and 2009 TED Fellowship member, Sara E. Mayhew is a Canadian writer and illustrator striving to produce manga that promotes skepticism and critical thinking. Canada's prestigious graphic arts magazine, Applied Arts, featured her in their Young Blood article on "new talent commanding our attention". She has spoken on the TED Fellows stage at the TED 2009 conference in Long Beach, CA, and more recently at TEDActive 2010 in Palm Springs, CA. Currently, Sara is working on producing a new series, Legend of the Ztarr, that aims to introduce manga readers to skeptical and humanist values through storytelling. Her blog, There Are Four Lights, combines art and skepticism, with occasional pepperings of general geekdom and random cuteness.