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Hi everyone, and welcome to another weekly roundup of Canadian skeptical radio and podcasting goodness. First of all, thanks to Melany who covered for me while I was deep in the Canadian back country. I’ve got a huge pile of podcasts to catch up on – but here’s what’s fresh.

Skeptically Speaking

At Skeptically Speaking last week, Desiree spoke with sociologist and author Barry Glassner. For ten years, his book “The Culture Of Fear” has shed light on the way that cultural anxiety is manufactured to drive media ratings and win votes for politicians. The book has recently been updated to cover the trends of the last decade. And Greg Laden is back with “Everything You Know is Sort of Wrong.” This time, is it true that poor people have more babies than the wealthy?

This Friday’s discussion will be on genetically modified foods with University of Florida researcher Kevin Folta. I’m looking forward to this topic, having just finished reading the excellent (and highly recommended) Whole Earth Discipline: An Ecopragmatist Manifesto, which discusses genetically modified foods at length.

Listen to Skeptically Speaking live, this  Friday, August 6, at 6pm MST.

Radio Freethinker

From Vancouver and Skeptic North contributor Ethan Clow, Radio Freethinker’s episode #74 is up, and you can download it here. Topics include:

The Reality Check

Congratulations to the Ottawa Skeptics for reaching Episode 100 with their podcast, The Reality Check! This week’s episode discusses their latest project, the video Don’t Start Believing. The group also looks back at all the mistakes they’ve made over the past 100 episodes.

Until next week!

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