Save the Date for SkeptiCamp 10-23

October 23rd is a hot date in Canadian skepticism so mark your calendars.  Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg will all be hosting SkeptiCamp events!

SkeptiCamps are informal “unconferences” where skeptics get together to present topics that interest them.  Originally started in Colorado, the idea spread and these events have been popping up all over Canada.

If you are near Vancouver, Winnipeg, or Toronto, you should check out the event.  If there’s no SkeptCamp event near you, why not start one? SkeptiCamps don’t have to be big. All you need is to get a group of skeptics together in one place, and give everyone some time to talk.  The SkeptiCamp Wiki has everything you need to get started.

Get more details on each event here:

SkeptiCamp website:




Know about another upcoming Canadian SkeptiCamp event?  Let us know in the comments.


UPDATE:  I should have mentioned that SkeptiCamp does not involve any camping.  So if you have a phobia of bears, that is no reason to shy away from SkeptiCamp.

3 Responses to “Save the Date for SkeptiCamp 10-23”

  1. Thanks for the mention! I am very excited to be a presenter for SkeptiCamp Winnipeg.

  2. Ottawa’s not listed, hmmm, I should do something about that.


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