Skeptic Fails and Wins This Week

Summer is running out, but the woo never stops flowing! Here are the skeptical fails and wins you sent me this week!

Engineers: Passengers’ survival was miracle by design
Marion spotted this win about several recent plane crashes.  How many times have you read a story involving a terrible accident, and the survivors say it was a miracle they lived?  This story credits the hard work that engineers do to make planes safer. A definite win!

Weekend detox
Lisa found this fail in Chatelaine. It’s the general crap about how to get rid of unnamed toxins.  Of course the article is by a naturopath, and of course it links to their clinic.  Can you say woovertising?

Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly)
Skeptical about zombies? So is Cracked magazine. Mitchell found this win.  Yesterday was Vancouver’s 2010 Zombie Walk, so this story was timely.  The article takes a look at why the zombiepocalypse is unlikely to occur.  There is definitely some skeptical skill applied in this story, so I call it a win!

Wi-fi Roundup
Last week I ran a fail about a parents group trying to get wi-fi removed from an Ontario school. The story blew up in the news, and Steve wrote a great post on the subject. If only the amount of press an issue would get could be proportional to the evidence. Here’s a roundup of the links I received this week on the topic:
- No proof wireless connections sicken kids: school board
- Ont. school board won’t turn off Wi-Fi
- ‘Wi-Fi Illness’ Spreads To Ontario Public Schools
- Parents say Wi-Fi making their kids sick
- Barrie parents demand schools turn off Wi-Fi
While some of the articles point out the lack of evidence, they mostly lean to the fail side.

That’s the fails and wins this week!  Got links?  Send them to me a links [at] skepticnorth [dot] com.

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  1. Toren says:

    Ah…Barrie, Ontario…


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