Skepticamp Winnipeg: Hot Ideas in a Cold Setting

With Skepticamp Winnipeg just around the corner, we asked Gem Newman of the Winnipeg Skeptics and Donna Harris of the Humanist Association of Manitoba to provide a preview of what the day will bring:

The Winnipeg Skeptics is holding Manitoba’s first SkeptiCamp event on 23 October 2010. The event is free and open to the public—all you have to do is sign up! The list of talks that have been lined up is impressive, boasting members of the Winnipeg Skeptics, professors from the University of Manitoba, and members of the Humanist Association of Manitoba.

Professor Arthur Schafer, director of the Centre for Applied and Professional Ethics at the University of Manitoba, will be presenting a talk entitled “The Ethics of Belief”.

Jeff Olsson, president of the Humanist Association of Manitoba, will be asking the question “How Do We Know Anything?” (and hopefully answering it, too!).

Laura Creek Newman, a graduated dietitian and member of Dietitians of Canada, will be talking about “Nutritional Facts and Fallacies”.

Winnipeg Skeptic and television producer Scott Carnegie will explain exactly how “real” reality television is in “Kitchen Nightmares: Dissecting Reality Television”.

Other presentations will cover homeopathy, how to fake a UFO picture, archaeological hoaxes, the importance of vaccines, 9/11 conspiracy theories, and global warming.

SkeptiCamps differ from ordinary seminars in that they are informal, community-organized conferences borne from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. Everyone from casual skeptics to domain experts participate, give talks, and get to know each other.

SkeptiCamp emphasizes the participation of everyone, from the first-time speaker to the experienced hand. If you don’t want to present, you can help in organising the event, or at the very least be an active attendee.

If you’re interested in attending or even signing up to give a presentation, there’s still time! Here are the details:

Where: Aqua Books, 274 Garry Street, Winnipeg, MB (map)

When: Saturday, 23 October, 12:30–6:00.

Registration: Add yourself to the list of attendees or email us.

Questions: Visit or email

It’s possible that we may exceed the capacity of the space that we have booked. If this happens, we will inform all participants of the new location as soon as we have the details.

You can find out more about the Winnipeg Skeptics at their Meetup page, on Facebook, or at the official blog. If you’re interested in the Humanist Association of Manitoba, you can visit their website.

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