Torontonians: Register for Skepticamp NOW!

Saturday, October 23rd is approaching, and with it four — count ‘em — four Canadian Skepticamps, to be held in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Ottawa, and Toronto.  It’s an unprecedented phenomenon, etched in the heavens and foretold by Nostradamus.

For those whose dowsing rods point toward the acknowledged centre of the universe, I wanted to provide a preview of what you can expect from the day.  Simply put, it’s going to be awesome.  If these four events were humours, then Toronto’s would clearly be Blood — sanguine, courageous, hopeful, amorous, and centered on the liver.  If you live in other cities, I pity your unfortunate phelgmaticism.

Skeptic North contributors are well represented, taking five of the nine speaking slots.  Michael Kruse will speak on naturopathy, and Scott Gavura will provide a consumer’s guide to natural health products.  Steve Thoms will talk about skeptical activism, I’ll talk about magical thinking, and Jeff Orchard will win the prize for best topic idea with “It’s not enough to just be right.  Can we overcome the irrational pitfalls of human psychology?  Maybe, maybe not.  I say, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”

The event also features some of the leading lights in the Toronto skeptical community.  Conspiracy Skeptic Karl Mamer will talk about, well, conspiracies, and Toronto attorney Michael MacKay will give us an overview of libel law on the internet as it relates to skepticism.  Finally, two of our friends from CASS — Behzad Elahi and Iain Martel — will show us how to make sense of medical literature and discuss the philosophical challenge of falsifiability in science and pseudoscience.

This jam-packed agenda has been organized by skeptical stalwart Richard Murray, and will be hosted at the Centre for Inquiry, which has generously provided a home for the event.  We expect the day to be interactive, so come armed with questions and be prepared to be challenged!

Skepticamp Toronto

When: Saturady October 23rd, 12-5 pm. Drinks to follow.

Where: in the Library of CFI Toronto, 216 Beverley Street

Registration: do it now online


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  • Erik Davis

    Erik is a technology professional based in Toronto, focused on the intersection of the internet and the traditional media and telecommunications sectors. A reluctant blogger, he was inspired by the great work Skeptic North has done to combat misinformation and shoddy science reporting in the Canadian media, and in the public at large. Erik has a particular interest in critical reasoning, and in understanding why there’s so little of it in the public discourse. You can follow Erik's occasional 140 character musings @erikjdavis