Skeptical Fails and Wins This Week

Hello Skeptifans. This week, it’s all Wins.

Marion found this win on CBC Radio’s, The Current. They take on the subject of bio-identical hormones for anti-aging. Suzanne Somers has made this treatment famous with her Oprah appearances and book tour. However, the evidence that it works just isn’t there. And worse than that, taking these hormones can have serious side effects.

Quebec MDs warn against controversial MS treatment
Lorne found this Win in the Globe and Mail. Quebec MD’s are speaking out about the controversial and unproven liberation therapy for MS. MS sufferers are spending a lot of money to travel abroad and pay for this therapy in clinics around the world. But if these places are willing to offer an unproven and risky medical treatment, what does it say about their medical ethics? Martin found a related story from the CBC here.

Anti-polio battle on the verge of victory
It’s great to see a pro-vaccine story in the news, and extra great when it’s a story about wiping out a disease as horrible as polio. Anti-vaccine propaganda in Nigeria was a big setback in wiping out the disease, but there has been a positive turnaround in the past couple of years. Vaccination rates are on the rise, and that combined with a new and improved vaccine has caused and infections to drop. Let’s hope this trend will continue, and we’ll see this disease wiped off the map.

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