Whole Life Expo: One Blogger’s Account

Okay, the title is a bit misleading, as the impetus of this post is to re-direct you to my own blog post on the subject.

Our experience at the Whole Life Expo was deeply concerning, and despite the tone of welcoming in the comments section of a previous Skeptic North post, the reality was far from the theory.  I won’t say more here, because I want to stress that my account is strictly my own experiences, and I cannot speak for anyone else (which is why I’m linking, instead of cross-posting).  There were many people from several organizations that were affected, and you will no doubt hear from them as well.  We will keep you updated at this evolving story, because I promise you: more is on the way.

So without further exposition, here is my take on what I experienced at the Whole Life Expo over the weekend.  Thanks for reading!

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  • Steve Thoms

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