Skeptical Fails and Wins This Week

Hello skeptifans. I hope you are all enjoying the summer. Here are the Fails and Wins in the media last week.

It's been too long since I used a lolcat.

Is The HPV Vaccine Safe?
Paul sent in this Win from the wonderful blog, Information is Beautiful. It sums up the risks associated with the HPV vaccine, results compared to placebo, and the reduction in the rate of cervical cancer. They also provide a link to all of their sources.

Blood agency defends gay donation policy
Canadian Blood Services is continuing to stick to their policy of rejecting donations from men who have slept with men. Although gay men are a high risk group for certain diseases, the science doesn’t back the policy as it is implemented. Marion has been covering this story on Skeptic North. Check our her earlier posts for more information. [1] [2]

Proposed crematorium riles Malton residents

Residents of Mississauga are worried that plans for a crematorium will mean they will be inhaling fumes and toxins. This news story printed those fears without offering evidence on either side. Frequent Fails and Wins linkster Art contacted the paper about this Fail asking what evidence the residents had for these claims, and wondering why he hadn’t contacted the Ministry of the Environment. Here is the response he received:

“They provided their evidence to me.. I didn’t include it in the story..
The Ministry got back to me, but had very little information to add to the story..”

That’s right. Who needs to include evidence? They had a story to write.

That’s the Fails and Wins this week, folks. See you again next week. Send me your stories at

2 Responses to “Skeptical Fails and Wins This Week”

  1. You can’t really use too many lolcats.

  2. Ian Douglas MacKenzie Young says:

    Aw, you missed Elizabeth May’s EMF & wifi silliness from July 26th… …same old story, but now with extra-scary Smart Meters!


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