Skeptical Fails and Wins this Week

Hello skeptifans. Here are the Fails and Wins in the media last week.

Despite the evidence, Fox News says this violates the laws of thermodynamics.

Ghostbusters go to work on P.E.I.

Martin sent in this story. A mother-daughter team is going to work in P.E.I. to help people with hauntings. Their services are free, but they are still looking for their first client. At least this pair doesn’t sound like they are out to scam people out of their money, but that doesn’t excuse this credulous article. It’s still woovertizing.

Massive study disputes Zamboni theory of multiple sclerosis

Lorne sent in this story. A large study of MS patients has provided more evidence that the condition is an autoimmune disorder, and not caused by blocked veins. Thousands of people have flocked to clinics around the world to receive “liberation therapy” developed by Dr. Zamboni, a dangerous procedure with little evidence of effectiveness.  Many Canadian politicians have unfortunately jumped on the blocked vein bandwagon without waiting for sufficient evidence to come in.

Fox Commentator Distorts Physics

Mark sent in this link which is a rebuttal of Fox News’ story that you can watch below:

This story was a definite fail, but the Scientific American blog post does a good job at summing up the real story and providing links out to more detail if you want to know more.


That’s the Fails and Wins this week, folks. See you again next week. Send me your links at

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  1. Composer99 says:

    The fact that Fox & co-ideologues is re-hashing the argument from thermodynamics as an objection to the conclusions of modern climatology is laughable.


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