Stop Nosodes Campaign Launched Today

homeopathy pills 600 x 300After months of research and hard work from all of our volunteers at Bad Science Watch, we have launched the public phase of our campaign to stop the sale of homeopathic nosodes sold as “vaccine alternatives” in Canada.  The website explains the position of Bad Science Watch and lays out the total lack of evidence for most of the products.  Despite this, as I spoke about in my SN article about these dangerous products, Health Canada’s Natural Health Products Directorate approves around 82 of these products for sale and several Canadian Homeopaths are promoting these products to prevent influenza and other dangerous infectious disease.

The concerned public has several options to engage with the Government of Canada to force them to de-register these products.  Our website urges the public to send a letter to the Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq, or if you are a member of an academic institution, a scientist, or a public health professional, to sign our petition.

One of the more exciting developments is the updates made by a Bad Science Watch volunteer to Simon Perry’s FishBarrel plug-in for Google’s Chrome browser.  The plug-in streamlines the complaint process so when the user finds a dubious scientific claim on a website, they can snap a screen shot, enter their complaint and automatically send it to Canada’s Competition Bureau.  As well, we have added functionality to send the same complaint to Advertising Standards Canada.  Users are urged to copy with the complaint so we can understand how both agencies are doing in their efforts to combat bad advertising on the internet.

The Stop Nosodes campaign is the first attempt in Canadian science advocacy to attempt systemic change in order to combat bad science in public policy.  Please visit or for more information.

2 Responses to “Stop Nosodes Campaign Launched Today”

  1. Ian says:

    Health Canada actually has a group which ALLOWS this stuff on the market?? Health Canada? Have they been hiring witch doctors instead of scientists with the Harper cuts?


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