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Climate Change: 400 Years Too Late for Henry Hudson

05 July 2011 by Ethan Clow

Despite the onset of summer and the melting ice in and around Hudson’s Bay, Henry Hudson must have felt particularly cold that day of June, 1611.  Along with his son Jon, and six other crewmen, Hudson was bound by his former crew and left in a small shallop and set adrift in the bay that […]

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Book Review: Annoying – The Science of What Bugs Us

22 June 2011 by Ethan Clow

Does Annoying provide a deep understanding into the psychology of annoyance or does it simply read like the experience of unravelling a ball of Christmas lights? As most of my close personal friends can attest, I’m something of an expert on the subject of annoying. So it was with some gusto that I picked up […]

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When Policy Trumps Science: The Story of Insite

18 May 2011 by Ethan Clow

The Harper Government (which is now the legal name for the Government of Canada) is currently continuing its campaign against Vancouver’s safe injections site, Insite. What is a safe injection site? Simply put, this is a location operating under an exemption from Canada’s drug laws that allow addicts to safely use needle drugs. Addicts can […]

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Getting Skeptical about Voting

Getting Skeptical about Voting

09 May 2011 by Ethan Clow

Canada recently had a federal election that for the first time in over 11 years resulted in a majority government. It was a historic election for a number of reasons. Not only did the Conservative Party of Canada win the most seats in the House of Parliament, but the New Democrats also made ground, becoming […]

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Book Review: Voodoo Histories by David Aaronovitch

Book Review: Voodoo Histories by David Aaronovitch

25 March 2011 by Ethan Clow

I have a little game I play when I go into book stores. First I make a prediction, then I head over to the history section and see if my prediction is on the ball or not. My prediction will be how many books of pseudo-history, works of outright fiction, conspiracy theories and tirades on […]

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No Science please, we’re Anthropologists

17 December 2010 by Ethan Clow

Over the last couple weeks controversy erupted in the world of anthropology. No, they didn’t find more Hobbits. The problem began when the American Anthropology Association altered their mandate removing science from their long range goals. When the organization met for its annual meeting a decision was reached to strip the words “science” from their […]

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PZ Myers crowd

The Rock Stars of Skepticism

01 December 2010 by Ethan Clow

Recently in Vancouver, the Centre for Inquiry hosted the cast of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe, with George Hrab sitting in for Rebecca Watson, for a live show on their way to Australia for The Amazing Meeting Oz. It was, simply put, a fantastic show. We spent about two months planning the event, although […]

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Creationist Clashes in British Columbia

01 November 2010 by Ethan Clow

Recently a Creationist, one Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, (his PhD is in chemistry) has been touring in British Columbia speaking on the subject of evolution. The title of his talk is “Evolution: The Greatest Hoax on Earth” which is his way of suggesting that he can refute the claims made by Richard Dawkins in his latest […]

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RE Investigation into professional negligence of Field Agent 09345

04 October 2010 by Ethan Clow

Field Agent 09345 Report: Commanding Officers, Judge and Advocates, Disciplinary Committee… With regards to the investigation into professional negligence of myself, Field Agent 09345, and aforementioned Field Report now under review by this honourable committee, I should like to offer some justification on my behalf. This is not offered to be an excuse on my […]

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What Does Open- Mindedness Mean?

21 August 2010 by Ethan Clow

The other day I was handing out flyers outside the Marriot Hotel in downtown Vancouver encouraging people to think critically about the event they were about to see. That event was a group reading by self-proclaimed psychic and medium John Edward. The event was a success, we handed out a number of flyers, engaged a […]

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    Ethan Clow, born and raised in the Vancouver area, is best known in the skeptical community as Ethan the Freethinking Historian, co-host of Radio Freethinker, a skeptical podcast and radio show on CiTR in Vancouver. And as the former Executive Director of the Centre for Inquiry Vancouver. Ethan graduated with a B.A. in History from UBC in the fall of 2009 and has an active role with skeptical movements in Vancouver and British Columbia. He was an executive member of the UBC Freethinkers, a campus club that promotes skepticism and critical thinking. He still maintains a close relationship with the UBC Freethinkers and helps plan events and organizes skeptical activism as best he can. Currently he works for the Centre for Inquiry as the Executive Director of CFI Vancouver.