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I Got Rhythm…or not….wait, yes I do! Beat Deafness, or a Poor Understanding of Music?

14 January 2013 by Steve Thoms

This is a science and music story that I’ve wanted to do for a while, and although it’s over a year out of the news cycle, it’s still reflective of a widespread musical myth that I bet many readers are familiar with: Beat Deafness. Beat deafness is a form of amusia characterized by an inability […]

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Dr. Abs to the ER. Dr. Abs to the ER.

03 September 2012 by Steve Thoms

Once in a while, a major Canadian media outlet runs a story on some alternative medicine fad.  These stories often have several themes in common: 1) Claims that the fad in question is derived from ancient knowledge and practices. 2) Paradoxically, it’s totally new and hip. 3) It’s also fairly expensive. 4) You have to […]

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He’s Trolling, He’s Trolling, He’s Trolling down the Wifi!

14 November 2011 by Steve Thoms

So, a little over a year ago, I wrote a piece about one particular anti-WiFi activist named Rodney Palmer.  It was a bit of a snarky post, written with the piss-and-vinegar that comes from a long, aggravating day at work.  The post caught the attention of Mr. Palmer, who promptly threatened to sue me over […]

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Why, Wifi? Why?

28 September 2011 by Steve Thoms

Concerns about the safety of WiFi, particularly around school children, has continued to be a contentious issue in small towns across Canada, and Ontario especially.   Supporters of the technology have mountains of scientific data on their side, opponents have screaming, hysteria, and the precautionary principle.  Even Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May unwittingly […]

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In Search of Perfect Pitch

23 July 2011 by Steve Thoms

Neil Degrasse Tyson once remarked that “If you are scientifically literate, the world looks very different to you.”  I would modify this and say that if you’re musically literate, the world sounds very different to you. A recent tweet by Skeptoid’s Brian Dunning raised some questions about an elusive aspect of music: Perfect Pitch.  When […]

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From Positive to Negative in 1.5 minutes

From Positive to Negative in 1.5 minutes

01 June 2011 by Steve Thoms

There is a video going around on facebook at the moment, and it caught my attention.  Watch it now, but I ask that you hold off (for the moment) on the “Click Here to find out More” at the end of the video: On the surface, it seems like it has a great message: People […]

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Libel Chill and Me

25 February 2011 by Steve Thoms

Long time readers may have noticed that I’ve not poked my head around to offer any significant posts in a while.  In fact, the last article of any noteworthy length and substance was on Oct 29 (aside from a recent post on my own blog, which was actually written after this post was).  An embarrassing […]

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Skeptic North +1

13 February 2011 by Steve Thoms

I am pleased to announce that the Skeptic North family of bloggers has grown by one today!  Dianne Sousa, whom regular readers and commenters will surely recognize, is joining our intrepid team of cross-country* skeptics.  She’s been a long-time commenter at our young blog, and many of you have had conversations with her by now. […]

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2010 Skeptic North Awards!

07 December 2010 by Steve Thoms

We’re trying something new here at Skeptic North, and we want YOU, the readers to help us out! 2010 has been an interesting year of science and skepticism in Canada, and we thought that it would be fun to have a little bit of an award ceremony, but without the ceremony.  Or the actual award.  […]

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Whole Life Expo: One Blogger’s Account

Whole Life Expo: One Blogger’s Account

29 November 2010 by Steve Thoms

Okay, the title is a bit misleading, as the impetus of this post is to re-direct you to my own blog post on the subject. Our experience at the Whole Life Expo was deeply concerning, and despite the tone of welcoming in the comments section of a previous Skeptic North post, the reality was far […]

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