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Welcome to Skeptic North! Please note that we have a few basic rules related to comments to keep our commenting community safe and productive:

  • Disagreement and vigorous debate are welcome, but the following are not: Blatant insults, libellous comments, racism (or any other bigotous -isms), incitement of violence, unsubstantiated accusations, or any other belligerent and/or illegal statements. Let’s keep things civil and legal, please.
  • Stay on topic for the post. Discussions have a natural flow and that is expected, but repeated attempts to steer conversations to a topic in which only you are interested that has nothing to do with the post is SPAM. Don’t do it.
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I commented! Why didn’t it appear yet?
All first-time commenters are moderated to reduce SPAM. We get over 15000 SPAM comments a month and first-post approval ensures that our discussions don’t get overrun with penis enlargements and Nigerian princes. Subsequent comments with the same credentials should appear immediately. Occasionally, a legitimate comment may get caught by our spam filter without our notice. If you suspect this has happened, please send us a note via our Contact Form (including the credentials you used to comment) so we can try to find and publish it.

We try our best to approve comments and trackbacks as quickly as possible, but the contributors to this blog have outside professions and other responsibilities that may occasionally prevent your comment from appearing promptly. Please be patient.

Do you delete comments?
This blog is a venue for discussion, therefore contributors will not delete critical or dissenting comments. It’s our policy not to delete or edit posts unless they are SPAM or harmful/illegal in some way, but we urge commenters to post only that which you would say in person. Ask yourself whether you would say what you’ve written before you hit “submit”. If your comment seems to contain something illegal, it may have to be discussed among blog contributors and edited before being published or may not be published at all. We haven’t had to do that yet, so let’s keep up that streak.

Are the contents of my comment legal?
Skeptic North reserves the right to edit, delete, or not publish a comment if it is felt to be potentially illegal. This includes, but it is not limited to, comments containing hateful, libelous, and defamatory content. BUT keep in mind that you are responsible for the content of your own comments and Skeptic North contributors are not responsible for knowing whether the content of your comment is breaking the law. You are also responsible for any legal repercussions that may result from your own statements. Please do not endanger yourself or break the law when you comment!

You suck. How do I get you to understand how much you suck?
There is a constant on the internet and that is that not everyone will agree with each other. That’s ok. If you disagree with the content of a post or a comment, that’s great. But it is a courtesy to explain to someone what you think they got wrong and why (specific, constructive criticism that contributes to discussion) rather than vaguely stating that they are “wrong” without any context or pedantically fixating on part of a post/comment that is not important to its overall message. Expect to provide supporting evidence and/or rational reasoning for arguments in order to allow discussion and try not to be surprised or offended if someone disagrees with you. Don’t be this guy: