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Battling the Anti-Vaccination Movement

20 March 2013 by Ethan Clow

(Note – this is crossed posted to Radio Freethinker) It’s been a busy month for skeptical activists in Vancouver. I wanted to write about some of the recent news regarding an anti-vaccination conference that was held at the Simon Fraser University, here in Vancouver. The anti-vaccination conference was organized by this group: the Vaccine Resistance […]

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Creationist Clashes in British Columbia

01 November 2010 by Ethan Clow

Recently a Creationist, one Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, (his PhD is in chemistry) has been touring in British Columbia speaking on the subject of evolution. The title of his talk is “Evolution: The Greatest Hoax on Earth” which is his way of suggesting that he can refute the claims made by Richard Dawkins in his latest […]

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Canada Speaks: This Week In Skepticism

05 August 2010 by Scott Gavura

Hi everyone, and welcome to another weekly roundup of Canadian skeptical radio and podcasting goodness. First of all, thanks to Melany who covered for me while I was deep in the Canadian back country. I’ve got a huge pile of podcasts to catch up on – but here’s what’s fresh. Skeptically Speaking At Skeptically Speaking […]

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Anti-Deepak Chopra Gathering in Vancouver

02 June 2010 by Ethan Clow

On June 4th, Deepak Chopra, new age alt med practitioner will be giving a talk in Vancouver at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Chopra takes scientific terms like quantum mechanics and warps the meaning to suit his pseudo-scientific/mysticism claims to give them the veneer of legitimacy. Not only have his claims been documented to be wrong […]

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