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Rodney Palmer: When Pseudoscience and Narcissism Collide

29 October 2010 by Steve Thoms

This ridiculous farce of an invented controversy got way out of hand way too fast.  My apologies for sleeping on this one.  I thought that sanity would prevail, and everyone would surely see the perpetrators for the fools they are.  It seems that I over estimated the Canadian media’s ability to be dedicated to journalistic […]

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What’s the Harm?

08 November 2009 by Mitchell Gerskup

The oft-heard mantra of supporters of the pseudo-sciences tends to be ‘what’s the harm?’ Though this question has already been answered quite thoroughly, this New York Times article (mirrored here) is yet another good example of exactly what the harms of pseudo-scientific beliefs can be. According to the article, Iraqi security forces have a new […]

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