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C4ST and Frank Clegg Spreading WiFi Fear

C4ST and Frank Clegg Spreading WiFi Fear

04 September 2013 by Michael Kruse

Once more, Frank Clegg and the BC based Citizens for Safe Technology (C4ST) have shown that they will not let science get in the way of scaring children and families.  This past Tuesday, the start of school for most Ontario children, C4ST was positioned outside of a school in Mississauga handing out pamphlets warning children and […]

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The Fallacy of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

04 July 2013 by Michael Kruse

  This is a cross-post from the Huffington Post article here. Medicine can be tricky.  Patients never present with the perfect cluster of disease defining symptoms and when they do, it is so rare that you begin to think that they just read a textbook or Googled “heart attack” to fool you.  As a patient, […]

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Rodney Palmer: When Pseudoscience and Narcissism Collide

29 October 2010 by Steve Thoms

This ridiculous farce of an invented controversy got way out of hand way too fast.  My apologies for sleeping on this one.  I thought that sanity would prevail, and everyone would surely see the perpetrators for the fools they are.  It seems that I over estimated the Canadian media’s ability to be dedicated to journalistic […]

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